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  • Supercharged Systems

    Supercharged Systems

    I was behind the eyes tired, neither awake nor asleep – a feeling that I could not have explained had it not have been for the prolonged experience of supporting clients through the worst of their life experiences day in, day out, in the midst of the height of the C19 outbreak. As a Psychologist…

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  • C-19 update 29 Nov

    C-19 update 29 Nov

    In striving to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our clients, family members and staff, from November 29 our consulting rooms will continue to be open to those who are fully vaccinated. Clients who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will be able to continue treatment via telehealth. Our commitment to our clients will be…

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  • For Referrers

    For Referrers

    To say that we live in interesting times is a gross understatement. Our frontline primary health care service providers (GP’s) have been managing extremely difficult conditions and ever changing processes under the Medicare system this year. Historically, GP’s have been able to provide a MHCP and referral so that clients can see a Psychologist for…

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    It is important to be mindful, prepared and to support each other through this period of uncertainty and challenges. Our current colder seasons have the need for us to be especially conscious of not spreading germs this year.  The best way to contain the spread of COVID-19 is through hygiene practices and sensible precautions. Prevention…

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  • Acute Stress Disorder & PTSD

    Acute Stress Disorder & PTSD

    As stated in my previous article a certain amount of stress in life is normal, and often serves a useful purpose!  Physically, stress increases your heart rate, changes your breathing, and releases hormones into your system and it can be a good thing when it helps you be productive, motivated to achieve goals or get through…

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