Autism & ADHD Assessments

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Andrew has untaken countless hours of training and supervision to ensure that he addresses his assessments in a manner that accounts for diagnostic overshadowing. His assessments also rule in and out alternative diagnoses or co-occurring diagnoses to the best of his ability and expertise.

NDIS eligible Assessments

*Autism can be diagnosed by either a specialist multi-disciplinary (team) or a (single) paediatrician, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist experienced in these assessments and presentations.

Please note that Andrew does not conduct Telehealth assessments for those under 12yo. For further information on Autism & ADHD click here.

Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA’s)

Previously diagnosed individuals are able to see Andrew for FCA’s. Owing to the length of the appointment, several “rounds” of assessments are required to be undertaken prior to the appointment. Eligibility for FCA’s also requires individuals to share previous diagnostic reports and relevant collateral history prior to “round 2” assessments being sent out. Further, Andrew then requires 5 business days after the appointment to review the relevant assessment and clinical interview information prior to formulation of “levels” or current support needs.