What to expect

As a new client, you are asked to complete a few forms in reception before being warmly greeted. Andrew is highly trained to assess, diagnose and provide strategies and therapies tailored to your individual needs. From the initial consult all else builds.

The appointments run for approximately 50 minutes and the first two sessions are essentially utilised for gathering information, assessment, education and setting goals around treatment. Andrew works alongside clients in a supportive manner to establish not just how difficulties may have arisen but how they have been maintained so that strategies can be developed to assist to move from functioning to flourishing.

Depending upon the issue, clients may require support for upwards of six sessions, others may benefit from more. This is assessed and forms a part of active and ongoing discussions and treatment planning with clients.

To see a quick video of our rooms and what to expect please click on the link.

Please note that whilst our fees are structured to be affordable for most, we are not a bulk billing service.