Service TypeTotal costs including reportBooking
Instalment at
Appointment 1
Instalment at Appointment 2Balance at
Feedback Session
ADHD (12yo and above)$1150$550$600NANA
Autism (12yo and above)$1650$550$600$500
Autism & ADHD Combined (12yo and above)$1900$550$600$500$250
Autism & ADHD Combined (8-11yo)$2150$550$500$500$600
Functional capacity assessment$1650$850$800NANA

Optional Pre- assessment Screening Service ADHD and Autism (16yo and above) $200*

* This can be deducted off the total costs at the time of the feedback session. Click here for further information on T’s & C’s.

Other out-of-session services such as report writing will also incur fees inline with AAPi standards ($300 per hour +GST) and this can be discussed with our friendly staff.

Late Cancellations and Non Attendances

Please note that an appointment time is one that is set aside specifically for individual clients. Invoices are issued for late cancellations of scheduled appointments. This is at the rate of 50% of the full fee for cancellations within 48 hours and 100% of the full fee for late cancellations within 24 hours or non attendances. Please note that these fees are not eligible for Medicare or private rebates. For more information on our cancellation policy please click on the link.