Identification &/or Pre assessment Screening

For those that self-identify as ADHD and/or Autistic or are curious and just want to “dip their toe in”. We offer a no obligation screening service for both ADHD and Autism. This involves the completion of several online screening tools that are then submitted. Clinicians can then provide some brief written information and context to assist for those that then wish to pursue a formal assessment and diagnosis. For those that do, the costs of the screening service ($200) can then be deducted from the feedback session fee (the final session after a formal diagnosis).

Please familiarise yourself with our T’s & C’s and also note our privacy policy

Pre-assessment screening is done via online forms; there is no appointment to attend. However, due to a limitation in our booking system, in order to receive the forms you need to select an appointment time.  It doesn’t matter which appointment time you select, you will receive the online forms via email immediately and can complete them as soon as you wish.  To book, select the pre-assessment screening type, complete your details and pay the fee. Our screening fee is strictly non-refundable.

Also note the waitlists for assessments are the same regardless of whether you pursue screeing or not.