Terms & Conditions

Assessment waitlist and time taken to complete the process

Feel free to click on the booking link to see when the next available assessment is. All attempts will be made complete the assessment process (from screens to feedback session) within 4-6 weeks.

Stage 1

Complete “round one” screening tests (if you have not already done so as a part of the initial “screening and identification” service) and email reception to advise. You will then receive online assessments within 10 business days that need to be completed 1 week prior to attending your diagnostic assessment appointment.

Attend a second diagnostic assessment appointment if you are being assessed for both Autism & ADHD.

Stage 3

Attend a results and diagnostic and recommendations feedback session (not applicable for FCA’s). You will receive a diagnostic confirmation letter (if you meet the diagnostic criteria-not guaranteed) within 5 business days of the feedback session.

Stage 4 – Comprehensive report

Report will be completed within 4-8 weeks (depending on current demand) of receiving final payment of the assessment. Reports and outline the screening and assessment results, the diagnosis, recommendations, accomodations and resources. Reports can be provided to your GP and/or Psychiatrist who can make specific medication recommendations for ADHD if preferred.

Deposit and late cancellation or non attendance (“changes to appointments”) policy

If you book for the identification and pre assessment online screening service you will not receive a refund if you change your mind.

A deposit of $550 (or $850 for FCA’s) is required at the time of making an assessment appointment. Once payment is received, you will receive the appointment information and assessment screening tools (“round one”) via email. When screens are completed, email [email protected] to receive further online questionnaires (“round two”) for you to complete.  

Any changes to appointments less than 24 business hours (excluding weekends or public holidays) will forfeit 100% of the assessment booking fee ($550 or $850 for FCA’s). Cancellations in excess of 24 business hours will forfeit 50% of the assessment booking fee ($275 or $375 for FCA’s). This is to cover payment processing fees and, testing, assessment and administrative fees. We thank you for your understanding.

You will also require a GP who is willing to/or has schedule 8 prescribing rights. If you do not, Andrew can make some recommendations of GP’s who do. See here for prescribing regulations information.

  • “clinicians should be aware that inattentive symptoms may not be identified until secondary school (or later), following increased demands for organisation and independent study or work”;
  • “other informants may (as opposed to must) provide additional information and perspectives”;
  • “adults can be requested to provide their educational reports from childhood if available” and;
  • “clients’ recollection of internal experiences should be prioritised over informant input”.

Medicare Rebates

Assessments are not covered by Medicare rebates. 

Private health fund claims

If you have ancillary private health insurance you may wish to check with your insurer whether they cover testing and assessments and find out the amount of the rebate per session and for the report. We can provide you with receipts for payments if you are eligible for a private rebate so that you can make your claims. 

Release of testing data

The APS (2018) code of ethics (section B.13.6) prohibits psychologists from sharing raw data that is obtained from screening tools or assessments with clients for several reasons. These are not limited to:

  1. raw data and information that is subject to misinterpretation;
  2. certain materials that are protected property and;
  3. data that is used in isolation is not intended for the use of treatment planning.

Information is provided in the form of a comprehensive report. Alternatively clients’ can provide written consent to allow some raw data and information to be shared with another appropriately qualified treating health professional. Fees will apply.

NDIS eligible Assessments

*Autism can be diagnosed by either a specialist multi-disciplinary (team) or a, (single) paediatrician, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist that is experienced in these assessments and presentations.