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    Having been addicted to Coke Cola for at least 60 years I am amazed and grateful that I no longer crave or drink it. On Tuesday 24th July 2020 I had my first session with Rachel. I left feeling calm but not sure if it would make any difference to my love of Coke. Guess what I still have an unopened bottle in the fridge and walk past drink areas and don't even feel tempted to buy. Now prefer to drink sparkling mineral water. My body, mood, and energy levels have soared. Thank you so much, Rachel. I am forever grateful.
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    A great deal of my inner self talk dictated many of my emotional responses in my life. These responses were not based on reality or logic but on years of negativity, anxiety and making ‘mountains out of molehills’ (where there were no mountains OR molehills to begin with). More often than not my inner self talk was damaging to my overall well being. It had finally come time to change. Enter Rachel at Your Calmer Mind. In a welcoming, calm, relaxed environment I submitted myself to the power of hypnotherapy. What magnificent sessions they have been. Finally, the groundwork had been laid for powerful changes for my now and my future. These changes have been wonderful. I am now a more ‘possible and positive’ person. Less negativity and anxiety ... and molehills? What are they?? Rachel is a first class hypnotherapist and I would recommend her to anyone.
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    One session with you and the tools you gave me helped to overcome an at times debilitating Trypanophobia (needle/procedure phobia) where screaming, fainting and shaking attacks were a given. The morning after your treatment I was oddly excited to wake up early and head to the pathologists around the corner to take my bloods. When I got in I was shaky and clearly nervous so they took me straight in. I was blessed to have 2 amazing people listen to my story and talk to me and resite the lines you installed in me as I visualised the colors washing out into the stream. No fainting in the end just tears of joy. Since I have had another successful blood test and minor surgery yesterday with anaesthetic. You gave me the edge and the tools I needed to finish off the work I had put in and I will forever be greatful. My life has forever changed. Thank you.
  • “Rachel has equiped me with all I need to continue to learn and to grow, she is calming, nurturing and genuine. An absolute pleasure to be around. Wonderfully warm and clearly dedicated.” 
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    I have struggled with alcohol on and off since I was 17yo. I have tried all sorts of ways to cut back or stop drinking with little success. I saw Rachel for one session and have not touched a drop for 383 days now. She was lovely, safe, non judgement and the experience has been truly quite remarkable.


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Clinical psychology and coaching; clinical hypnotherapy; trauma focussed therapies and; ADHD and Autism assessments.

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Please note that whilst our fees are structured to be affordable for most, we are not a bulk billing service.


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C-19 update 29 Nov

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