We recognise that an important part of an organisation or business need is to have a service that is able to provide timely support. We pride ourselves in being highly relatable, experienced and outcomes driven in offering our support services. Our point of difference from other EAP providers is our very high levels of training, education and experience. One on one Counselling and Critical Incident Debriefing

Our emphasis is to take a proactive approach to improving the wellbeing of employees in the workplace. We do this through various methods that include one on one support and workplace training to ensure that workplaces support their employees to address issues before they become problematic. 

Services offered:

One on one counselling

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Mental Health in the Workplace Training

Why is this important?

Researchers and organisations recognise that employee health and wellbeing can potentially affect both workers and organisations in negative ways. The implications of work-related stress include:

  • the effects on worker satisfaction and productivity
  • employee mental and physical health
  • absenteeism
  • presenteeism and
  • staff turnover

While depression is the most likely adverse psychological outcome, the range of other possible problems include ‘‘burnout,’’ alcohol abuse, physical symptoms, accidental injuries and relationship difficulties.

The financial cost of lost productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover is profound.

The 2013 Absence Management and Wellbeing survey involving 108 organisations, employing 450,000 staff revealed that absenteeism levels (sick and carers leave) rose to 8.93 days per employee per annum. Over 88 million dollarswere lost to the Australia economy due to absenteeism, at a cost of $27.5 billion per annum in sick leave costsand lost productivity. Organisations who responded to the survey reveal the cost to their business was $2741 per employee per annum

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