Why I do what I do

My special interest is in ND assessments and supporting ND’s to better understand themselves and realise their potential. My story (below) is one of growing up in poverty, trauma and displacement to now being in a space that allows me to walk along side people that have had to develop ways of masking, hiding, protecting themselves and their vulnerabilities- very humbling.

To be “loved” by parents but never seen, heard or understood. To realise that love is conditional- based upon being quiet, not being too intrusive, energetic, needy, sensitive. To be called “the cordial kid”, to have one parent turn you against the other. To reach out time after time and feel rejected, unaffirmed, less than. To have no sense of security as your safe base is far from safe. No accounting for the many houses, schools, strange men in our safe space. To place your trust in one that proves to become untrustworthy. To escape at an early age and create emotional homes in others that are, in themselves, unsafe. To realise later in life that it’s been a twisted tale spun by those that serve there own ends, own egos. To set boundaries and feel the push back, to estrange and feel the pain and guilt. No easy answers, no path the same. Just love and understanding for those brave enough to tread it. ❤️🙏

No expectations, just context for why I love the space that I hold with clients that have been traumatised. I pride myself on non self disclosure but felt after 20 years it was time to walk the talk and share some vulnerability: